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Xbox One Out of Warranty Repair

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  If your Xbox One breaks, you have to send it in for repair. But what do you do if it's out of warranty? Microsoft charges an arm and a leg for repairs that are out of warranty, but there are ways to get the repair done for much less. Here's how to do it! What is the Xbox One warranty and what does it cover? The Xbox One warranty is one year long and it covers the manufacturer's defects. If your Xbox One breaks because of a manufacturing defect, Microsoft will repair or replace it for free. If your Xbox One breaks after the warranty has expired, Microsoft will charge you a fee for the repair. How do I know if my Xbox One needs repair or not? If your Xbox One is experiencing any of the following issues, it needs to be repaired: -It doesn't turn on -The power supply light is orange -The ring of light around the power button is flashing red -The console is over heating -There are graphics glitches on the screen -An error message appears on the screen Why isn't my xbo